Why Best Day Ever?

Why Now?

Somedays the world seems like a crazy, nutty place, especially these days and we all can use a little light to uplift ourselves and re-direct our thinking in a way that moves us forward in a positive directions. Our spiritual teachers propose that outer experience is a reflection of inner reality. We know that this can raise a lot more questions than answers, and what if, this is really true? What if creating your own AMAZING inner experience, like reading positive quotes, watching our Best Day Ever videos, listening to your favorite music and getting you sweat on, affects your outer life as well? Do your opposing political parties really bother you as much as they did before the infusion of all that good shit? We say, try it. Run the experiment. And why now? Because it’s ALWAYS the right time for an infusion of good shit.

Our Story

It all started on a simple car ride two years ago when we, Barry and Eliza, decided to do what everyone in LA does - film ourselves! What? It was a Friday afternoon and the Rolling Stones song that came on the radio was too good not to film to. So we did, and we shared it, and people liked it, a lot. So we made a few more in an attempt to diffuse the LA traffic rage we may have experienced carpooling in the morning and guess what? It worked. Apparently we had so much fun filming that our friends on Facebook kept asking for more. And who are we not to oblige our friends!? So, we made more videos, and the whole thing just joyfully snowballed to where we are today. Best Day Ever with Barry and Eliza now has thousands of followers all over the world, and we’re just getting started. What can we say? It makes us really happy to see you all happy. Plus we have the most fun ever making them and sharing them with you!