What is Best Day Ever?

The best antidote for whatever it is that ails you? All right, we’ve not been approved by the FDA yet, but it’s coming any day now. “Best Day Ever with Barry and Eliza,” is on a mission to shower the world with love & joy! BDE is that little pick me up reminding us that we’re doing a great job at this being human thing. Life is guaranteed to throw us some curveballs, but that’s no reason not to enjoy it, and to love every part of it and every part of yourself in the process! Barry and Eliza spread this message of love and joy, uplifting viewers, and encouraging them to have the Best Day Ever today!

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Message From B & E

Best Day Ever is here to help you lighten the load. So slow down for a minute, laugh, sing off key, and remember who you really are – a bright light of love.

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